Data Ethics at



This code summarizes our shared commitment to the advancement of ethical data practices and the actions that guide our work.

To that end, we will:

Make data policies easy to read and understand

Policies that are written by lawyers can only be understood by lawyers. We use creativity, common language and visual storytelling techniques to turn complex, jargon-filled policies into clear, simple guidelines for both ROY policies and our clients.

Build brand autonomy through first-party data collection

Data collected beyond your walls is data you can’t control. Ethically captured first-party data reduces reliance on potential bad actors. We advise brands to invest in owned properties and optimized user experiences that result in stronger, 1-1 relationships with consumers.

Implement low commitment / high reward consumer data strategies

To build data, we must build trust. Data collection should focus on creating more value for the customer, not just collecting more information for brands. We only ask for the minimal amount of data necessary to improve a consumer’s direct experience with the brand.

Align platform success metrics with brand values

Technology can be good or bad or good and bad but it is never neutral. While still being informed by engagement and conversion metrics, we establish a new definition of success for the platforms and technologies we create — one that honors human nature, grows responsibly, and helps us live in alignment with our brand’s deepest values.

Ensure ethical partnerships

We admittedly can’t do it all, so we’ll work to keep our data partners honest, too. We will only work with data partners who are leaders in people-first, privacy compliant data. We’ll also conduct quarterly data audits to investigate how consumer data is being collected, stored, and used and will terminate any partnerships not acting in accordance with GDPR and CCPA standards.